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SportsPunter provides a free odds comparison for everyone to use, however it is limited to just a small number of bookmakers. We have many more bookmakers odds for comparison via our premium service subscription.

Premium Service - All Bookmakers

Costs For Australian Clients:
  • An initial 1week trial cost of $AU30 which is refunded if a subscription is taken out.
  • Half Yearly: $AUD165 (includes 10% GST)
  • Yearly: $AUD275 (includes 10% GST)

Costs For Non-Australian Clients:
  • An initial 1 week trial cost of $AU30, $US25, €20, £15, which is refunded if a subscription is taken out.
  • Half Yearly: $AUD150, $USD140, €90, £70;
  • Yearly: $AUD250, $USD225, €150, £120

Sign-Up Information

To support this site and receive the benefits of our add-on services, please make sure you are a registered user (Register Here). Then visit the Premium Service Payment Page to make your payment. Please make sure you use your username as a reference where possible, and to fill out the payment notification form on the Payment Page. If you have any questions then please use the Feedback Page. Please find more information below about our "Premium Service".

Professional Punters, High Rollers and the Average Punter

If you bet hundreds of dollars per week, then it will definitely be worth your while subscribing to our premium service. Even if you only bet a few hundred dollars per year you might make more money with our service by betting with better odds.

We can provide you with the odds of virtually all of Australia's bookmakers - and many major overseas bookmakers - in any format you desire. The cost is $AU250 per year, which is much less than the extra profits you will receive by using our service. Sign-Up Information.

About The Bookmakers?

SportsPunter offers a wide variety of bookmakers all over the world. Our biggest strength is the number of Australian books in the service. Overall, Australian bookmakers offer the best odds world wide. Almost every overseas bookmaker offers a referral program so that websites like this one can receive fees for referring customers. However, most bookmakers in Australia cannot afford to offer us such a program, as the odds they quote provide too small a margin. What this means is that by betting with an Australian bookmaker, you are offered much better odds and will make much more money when you win with an Australian bookmaker. Furthermore, betting in Australia is very heavily regulated by the government, making it one of the safest - if not the safest - place to bet in the world. We also offer the odds of a large number of overseas bookmakers too.

By using our premium odds comparison service, you can make much more money with your betting because you can always bet with the best odds. The cost for our service is $AU250 for a full year, or $AU150 for half a year. Sign-Up Information.

Premium Service Cost

If you want to see the odds of many more bookmakers then the cost of the premium service will be $150 for 6 months, or $250 for a full year. We believe this is well worth your money as betting with the bookmaker that has the best odds for you will make you 20% and upwards extra for each bet you win.

Sign-Up Information

To support this site and receive the benefits of the premium service, please make sure you are a registered user (Register Here) and then visit the Payment Page.


"Thank you for sending me your premium service for a month. I mostly back Australian sport so this has been the best odds service that I have come across for the league/rules/union This site has been a revelation for me. After spending hours sifting through the bookmakers sites for the best odds it is great to have one site that is up to date and with the click of a mouse just saved me an hour's downtime,and after all...... time is money!! You guys do a great job, cheers and thank you, Matt (Username geejun)."
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