Finland - Korisliiga Betting Odds

Upcoming Markets
Match Time Teams Best Odds Market % +Markets
Joensuun Kataja vs Kauhajoki - l - 0.00 +More
Korikobrat vs Kouvot - l - 0.00 +More
UU-Korihait vs Salon Vilpas - l - 0.00 +More
Lahti vs Ura Basket 1.05 l 9.50 105.76 +More
Namika Lahti vs Ura Basket - l - 0.00 +More
BC Nokia vs Joensuun Kataja - l - 0.00 +More
Kauhajoki vs UU-Korihait - l - 0.00 +More
Kouvot vs KTP Basket Kotka - l - 0.00 +More
Salon Vilpas vs Tampereen Pyrinto - l - 0.00 +More
Korikobrat vs Helsinki Seagulls - l - 0.00 +More
KTP Basket Kotka vs Ura Basket - l - 0.00 +More
Joensuun Kataja vs Kouvot - l - 0.00 +More
Tampereen Pyrinto vs Lahti - l - 0.00 +More
Salon Vilpas vs Kauhajoki - l - 0.00 +More
UU-Korihait vs BC Nokia - l - 0.00 +More
Multibet Odds Comparison
Outright Selection Win Korisliiga
Helsinki Seagulls  
Salon Vilpas  
KTP Basket Kotka  
BC Nokia  
Joensuun Kataja  
Tampereen Pyrinto  
Ura Basket  

Outright betting markets for Finnish Basketball Korisliga
Win Korisliiga    

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