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Milwaukee @ Toronto on (MLB) Money Line
Betting Agencies  
Milwaukee Handicap Toronto Handicap Total Over Odds Under Odds
2.58 1.58
2.48 1.56
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Money Line Total Hits - Daulton Varsho Total Runs - Tyrone Taylor
Run Line Total Hits - George Springer Total Runs - Victor Caratini
Game Totals Total Hits - Home Total Runs - Vladimir Guerrero
1st Half Winner Total Hits - Joey Wiemer Total Runs - Whit Merrifield
1st Half Handicap Total Hits - Kevin Kiermaier Total Runs - William Contreras
1st Half Total Total Hits - Matt Chapman Total Runs Allowed - All Players
1st 7 Innings Winner Total Hits - Mike Brosseau Total Runs Allowed - Freddy Peralta
1st Innings Winner Total Hits - Nathan Lukes Total Runs Allowed - Kevin Gausman
Most Hits Total Hits - Owen Miller Total Singles - All Players
Race To 3 Total Hits - Rowdy Tellez Total Singles - Bo Bichette
Regular Time Winner Total Hits - Tyler Heineman Total Singles - Brian Anderson
Team To Score First DNB Total Hits - Tyrone Taylor Total Singles - Brice Turang
Team To Score Last DNB Total Hits - Victor Caratini Total Singles - Cavan Biggio
1st 7 Innings Line Total Hits - Vladimir Guerrero Total Singles - Christian Yelich
1st Quarter Handicap Total Hits - Whit Merrifield Total Singles - Daulton Varsho
First 3 Innings Line Total Hits - William Contreras Total Singles - George Springer
First Innings Handicap Total Hits Allowed - All Players Total Singles - Joey Wiemer
1st 7 Innings Total Total Hits Allowed - Freddy Peralta Total Singles - Kevin Kiermaier
1st Innings Total Runs Total Hits Allowed - Kevin Gausman Total Singles - Matt Chapman
1st Quarter Total Total Home Runs - All Players Total Singles - Nathan Lukes
First 3 Innings Total Total Home Runs - Alejandro Kirk Total Singles - Owen Miller
Total - Away Total Home Runs - Bo Bichette Total Singles - Rowdy Tellez
Total - Away - 1st Half Total Home Runs - Brandon Belt Total Singles - Tyler Heineman
Total - Home Total Home Runs - Brian Anderson Total Singles - Tyrone Taylor
Total - Home - 1st Half Total Home Runs - Brice Turang Total Singles - Victor Caratini
Total Bases - All Players Total Home Runs - Cavan Biggio Total Singles - Vladimir Guerrero
Total Bases - Alejandro Kirk Total Home Runs - Christian Yelich Total Singles - Whit Merrifield
Total Bases - Bo Bichette Total Home Runs - Daulton Varsho Total Singles - William Contreras
Total Bases - Brandon Belt Total Home Runs - George Springer Total Stolen Bases - All Players
Total Bases - Brian Anderson Total Home Runs - Joey Wiemer Total Stolen Bases - Bo Bichette
Total Bases - Brice Turang Total Home Runs - Kevin Kiermaier Total Stolen Bases - Brian Anderson
Total Bases - Cavan Biggio Total Home Runs - Matt Chapman Total Stolen Bases - Brice Turang
Total Bases - Christian Yelich Total Home Runs - Mike Brosseau Total Stolen Bases - Cavan Biggio
Total Bases - Daulton Varsho Total Home Runs - Nathan Lukes Total Stolen Bases - Christian Yelich
Total Bases - George Springer Total Home Runs - Owen Miller Total Stolen Bases - Daulton Varsho
Total Bases - Joey Wiemer Total Home Runs - Rowdy Tellez Total Stolen Bases - George Springer
Total Bases - Kevin Kiermaier Total Home Runs - Tyler Heineman Total Stolen Bases - Joey Wiemer
Total Bases - Matt Chapman Total Home Runs - Tyrone Taylor Total Stolen Bases - Kevin Kiermaier
Total Bases - Nathan Lukes Total Home Runs - Victor Caratini Total Stolen Bases - Matt Chapman
Total Bases - Owen Miller Total Home Runs - Vladimir Guerrero Total Stolen Bases - Nathan Lukes
Total Bases - Rowdy Tellez Total Home Runs - Whit Merrifield Total Stolen Bases - Owen Miller
Total Bases - Tyler Heineman Total Home Runs - William Contreras Total Stolen Bases - Rowdy Tellez
Total Bases - Tyrone Taylor Total Pitching Outs - All Players Total Stolen Bases - Tyler Heineman
Total Bases - Victor Caratini Total Pitching Outs - Freddy Peralta Total Stolen Bases - Tyrone Taylor
Total Bases - Vladimir Guerrero Total Pitching Outs - Kevin Gausman Total Stolen Bases - Victor Caratini
Total Bases - Whit Merrifield Total RBIs - All Players Total Stolen Bases - Vladimir Guerrero
Total Bases - William Contreras Total RBIs - Alejandro Kirk Total Stolen Bases - Whit Merrifield
Total Doubles - All Players Total RBIs - Bo Bichette Total Stolen Bases - William Contreras
Total Doubles - Bo Bichette Total RBIs - Brandon Belt Total Strikeouts - All Players
Total Doubles - Brian Anderson Total RBIs - Brian Anderson Total Strikeouts - Freddy Peralta
Total Doubles - Brice Turang Total RBIs - Brice Turang Total Strikeouts - Kevin Gausman
Total Doubles - Cavan Biggio Total RBIs - Cavan Biggio Total Triples - All Players
Total Doubles - Christian Yelich Total RBIs - Christian Yelich Total Triples - Bo Bichette
Total Doubles - Daulton Varsho Total RBIs - Daulton Varsho Total Triples - Brian Anderson
Total Doubles - George Springer Total RBIs - George Springer Total Triples - Brice Turang
Total Doubles - Joey Wiemer Total RBIs - Joey Wiemer Total Triples - Cavan Biggio
Total Doubles - Kevin Kiermaier Total RBIs - Kevin Kiermaier Total Triples - Christian Yelich
Total Doubles - Matt Chapman Total RBIs - Matt Chapman Total Triples - Daulton Varsho
Total Doubles - Nathan Lukes Total RBIs - Mike Brosseau Total Triples - George Springer
Total Doubles - Owen Miller Total RBIs - Nathan Lukes Total Triples - Joey Wiemer
Total Doubles - Rowdy Tellez Total RBIs - Owen Miller Total Triples - Kevin Kiermaier
Total Doubles - Tyler Heineman Total RBIs - Rowdy Tellez Total Triples - Matt Chapman
Total Doubles - Tyrone Taylor Total RBIs - Tyler Heineman Total Triples - Nathan Lukes
Total Doubles - Victor Caratini Total RBIs - Tyrone Taylor Total Triples - Owen Miller
Total Doubles - Vladimir Guerrero Total RBIs - Victor Caratini Total Triples - Tyler Heineman
Total Doubles - Whit Merrifield Total RBIs - Vladimir Guerrero Total Triples - Tyrone Taylor
Total Doubles - William Contreras Total RBIs - Whit Merrifield Total Triples - Vladimir Guerrero
Total Earned Runs - All Players Total RBIs - William Contreras Total Triples - Whit Merrifield
Total Earned Runs - Freddy Peralta Total Runs - All Players Total Triples - William Contreras
Total Earned Runs - Kevin Gausman Total Runs - Bo Bichette Total Walks - All Players
Total H+R+E Total Runs - Brian Anderson Total Walks - Freddy Peralta
Total H+R+E 1st Innings Total Runs - Brice Turang Total Walks - Kevin Gausman
Total Hits Total Runs - Cavan Biggio 1st Innings Total Runs Brackets
Total Hits - All Players Total Runs - Christian Yelich 1st Scoring Play
Total Hits - Abraham Toro Total Runs - Daulton Varsho Both Teams to Score
Total Hits - Alejandro Kirk Total Runs - George Springer Correct Score
Total Hits - Away Total Runs - Joey Wiemer Correct Score - 1st Half
Total Hits - Bo Bichette Total Runs - Kevin Kiermaier First Scorer Wins Match
Total Hits - Brandon Belt Total Runs - Matt Chapman HT/FT Double
Total Hits - Brian Anderson Total Runs - Nathan Lukes Highest Scoring Period
Total Hits - Brice Turang Total Runs - Owen Miller Margin Betting
Total Hits - Cavan Biggio Total Runs - Rowdy Tellez Margin Betting - 1st Half
Total Hits - Christian Yelich Total Runs - Tyler Heineman Tri-Bets
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