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New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals on (NHL) Match Winner
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New York Rangers Handicap Washington Capitals Handicap Total Over Odds Under Odds
1.81 (-1.5) 2.95 2.12 (+1.5) 1.44 6.00 2.01 1.90
1.74 (-1.5) 2.80 2.15 (+1.5) 1.45 6.00 1.95 1.87
New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals on (NHL) Regular Time Winner
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Match Winner Total Assists - Nicklas Backstrom Total PowerPlay Points - Vladimir Tarasenko
Puck Line Total Assists - Patrick Kane Total Shots - All Players
Game Totals Total Assists - Tom Wilson Total Shots - Adam Fox
Double Chance Total Assists - Vince Trocheck Total Shots - Alex Ovechkin
Draw No Bet Total Assists - Vladimir Tarasenko Total Shots - Artemy Panarin
1st Period Winner Total Blocks - All Players Total Shots - Chris Kreider
1st Period Winner DNB Total Blocks - John Carlson Total Shots - Dylan Strome
2nd Period Winner Total Goals - All Players Total Shots - Evgeni Kuznetsov
2nd Period Winner DNB Total Goals - Alex Ovechkin Total Shots - Filip Chytil
3rd Period Winner Total Goals - Alexis Lafreniere Total Shots - Jacob Trouba
3rd Period Winner DNB Total Goals - Artemy Panarin Total Shots - John Carlson
Race To 3 Total Goals - Chris Kreider Total Shots - Mika Zibanejad
Regular Time Winner Total Goals - Dylan Strome Total Shots - Patrick Kane
Regular Time Winner - DNB Total Goals - Evgeni Kuznetsov Total Shots - Tom Wilson
Team To Score First Total Goals - Filip Chytil Total Shots - Vince Trocheck
Team To Score First DNB Total Goals - John Carlson Total Shots - Vladimir Tarasenko
1st Period Handicap Total Goals - Kaapo Kakko Total Shots On Goal - All Players
1st Quarter Handicap Total Goals - Mika Zibanejad Total Shots On Goal - Adam Fox
2nd Period Handicap Total Goals - Nicklas Backstrom Total Shots On Goal - Alex Ovechkin
3rd Period Handicap Total Goals - Patrick Kane Total Shots On Goal - Alexander Ovechkin
Regular Time Handicap Total Goals - Tom Wilson Total Shots On Goal - Artemy Panarin
1st Period Total Total Goals - Vince Trocheck Total Shots On Goal - Chris Kreider
1st Period Total - Away Total Goals - Vladimir Tarasenko Total Shots On Goal - Dylan Strome
1st Period Total - Home Total Points - All Players Total Shots On Goal - Evgeni Kuznetsov
1st Period Winner Total Points - Adam Fox Total Shots On Goal - Filip Chytil
1st Quarter Total Total Points - Alex Ovechkin Total Shots On Goal - Jacob Trouba
2nd Period Total Total Points - Alexander Ovechkin Total Shots On Goal - John Carlson
3rd Period Total Total Points - Artemy Panarin Total Shots On Goal - Mika Zibanejad
Regular Time Total Total Points - Chris Kreider Total Shots On Goal - Patrick Kane
Total - Away Total Points - Dylan Strome Total Shots On Goal - Tom Wilson
Total - Away - 1st Period Total Points - Evgeni Kuznetsov Total Shots On Goal - Vince Trocheck
Total - Away - 2nd Period Total Points - Filip Chytil Total Shots On Goal - Vladimir Tarasenko
Total - Away - 3rd Period Total Points - John Carlson Total Shots On Target - Away
Total - Away - Regular Time Total Points - Mika Zibanejad Total Shots On Target - Home
Total - Home Total Points - Nicklas Backstrom Away Team To Score
Total - Home - 1st Period Total Points - Patrick Kane Both Teams to Score
Total - Home - 2nd Period Total Points - Tom Wilson Correct Score
Total - Home - 3rd Period Total Points - Vince Trocheck Goalscorer - Anytime
Total - Home - Regular Time Total Points - Vladimir Tarasenko Goalscorer - First
Total Aces - Away Total Power Play Goals - Away Goalscorer - Last
Total Aces - Home Total Power Play Goals - Home Highest Scoring Period
Total Assists - All Players Total PowerPlay Points - All Players Home Team To Score
Total Assists - Adam Fox Total PowerPlay Points - Adam Fox Margin Betting
Total Assists - Alex Ovechkin Total PowerPlay Points - Alex Ovechkin Teams to Score
Total Assists - Alexander Ovechkin Total PowerPlay Points - Alexander Ovechkin To Score 2 Or More Goals
Total Assists - Artemy Panarin Total PowerPlay Points - Artemy Panarin To Score a Hat Trick
Total Assists - Chris Kreider Total PowerPlay Points - Chris Kreider Total Brackets - Away
Total Assists - Dylan Strome Total PowerPlay Points - John Carlson Total Brackets - Home
Total Assists - Evgeni Kuznetsov Total PowerPlay Points - Mika Zibanejad Will There Be Overtime
Total Assists - Filip Chytil Total PowerPlay Points - Nicklas Backstrom Win to Nil - Away
Total Assists - John Carlson Total PowerPlay Points - Patrick Kane Win to Nil - Home
Total Assists - Mika Zibanejad Total PowerPlay Points - Vince Trocheck  
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New York Rangers @ Washington Capitals Washington Capitals @ Montreal Canadiens
Boston Bruins @ St. Louis Blues Columbus Blue Jackets @ New Jersey Devils
New York Islanders @ Carolina Hurricanes Minnesota Wild @ Pittsburgh Penguins
Ottawa Senators @ Columbus Blue Jackets Tampa Bay Lightning @ New York Islanders
Philadelphia Flyers @ Pittsburgh Penguins Carolina Hurricanes @ Nashville Predators
Detroit Red Wings @ Toronto Maple Leafs New York Rangers @ St. Louis Blues
New Jersey Devils @ Winnipeg Jets Philadelphia Flyers @ Dallas Stars
Mighty Ducks of Anaheim @ Calgary Flames Chicago Blackhawks @ Vancouver Canucks
Los Angeles Kings @ Vancouver Canucks Los Angeles Kings @ Vegas Golden Knights
Vegas Golden Knights @ Minnesota Wild Colorado Avalanche @ San Jose Sharks
Nashville Predators @ Dallas Stars Arizona Coyotes @ Seattle Kraken
Arizona Coyotes @ Seattle Kraken Carolina Hurricanes @ Buffalo Sabres
Ottawa Senators @ Carolina Hurricanes Pittsburgh Penguins @ Detroit Red Wings
Buffalo Sabres @ Florida Panthers Vegas Golden Knights @ Dallas Stars
Detroit Red Wings @ Montreal Canadiens Edmonton Oilers @ San Jose Sharks
Pittsburgh Penguins @ New Jersey Devils Mighty Ducks of Anaheim @ Arizona Coyotes
Columbus Blue Jackets @ Toronto Maple Leafs New York Rangers @ Columbus Blue Jackets
Vegas Golden Knights @ Nashville Predators Tampa Bay Lightning @ Ottawa Senators
Philadelphia Flyers @ St. Louis Blues Montreal Canadiens @ Toronto Maple Leafs
Chicago Blackhawks @ Calgary Flames Florida Panthers @ Washington Capitals
Seattle Kraken @ Vancouver Canucks Nashville Predators @ Winnipeg Jets
Edmonton Oilers @ Los Angeles Kings Philadelphia Flyers @ New York Islanders
Colorado Avalanche @ San Jose Sharks New Jersey Devils @ Boston Bruins
Tampa Bay Lightning @ New York Rangers St. Louis Blues @ Minnesota Wild
Calgary Flames @ Winnipeg Jets Chicago Blackhawks @ Seattle Kraken
Edmonton Oilers @ Mighty Ducks of Anaheim Calgary Flames @ Vancouver Canucks
Toronto Maple Leafs @ Boston Bruins Colorado Avalanche @ Los Angeles Kings
Buffalo Sabres @ Detroit Red Wings Boston Bruins @ Philadelphia Flyers
Ottawa Senators @ Florida Panthers Colorado Avalanche @ Mighty Ducks of Anaheim

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