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Cleveland @ Kansas City on (NFL : Divisional Playoff) Money Line
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Cleveland Handicap Kansas City Handicap Total Over Odds Under Odds
5.25 (+9.5) 1.91 1.21 (-9.5) 1.91 57.00 1.95 1.95
4.90 (+10.0) 1.83 1.21 (-10.0) 2.01 57.00 1.91 1.91
4.80 (+10.0) 1.87 1.21 (-10.0) 1.95 57.50 1.91 1.91
4.75 (+10.0) 1.87 1.20 (-10.0) 1.95 57.00 1.91 1.91
4.50 (+10.0) 1.87 1.20 (-10.0) 1.95
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Money Line Total - Home - 2nd Half Total Receive Yards - Hunter Bryant Total TD Receptions - Travis Kelce
Point Spread Total - Home - 1st Qtr Total Receive Yards - Jarvis Landry Total TD Receptions - Tyreek Hill
Game Totals Total Carries - Kareem Hunt Total Receive Yards - Kareem Hunt Total TD Rushes - Clyde Edwards-Helaire
1st Half Winner Total Carries - Nick Chubb Total Receive Yards - Mecole Hardman Total TD Rushes - Kareem Hunt
1st Half Handicap Total Completions - Baker Mayfield Total Receive Yards - Nick Chubb Total TD Rushes - Nick Chubb
1st Half Total Total Completions - Patrick Mahomes Total Receive Yards - Rashard Higgins Total TD Rushes - Patrick Mahomes
2nd Half Winner Total Field Goals Total Receive Yards - Travis Kelce Total Tackles - Damien Wilson
2nd Half Handicap Total Field Goals - 1st Half Total Receive Yards - Tyreek Hill Total Tackles - Tyrann Mathieu
2nd Half Total Total Field Goals - 2nd Half Total Receptions - Austin Hooper Total Touchdown Passes - Baker Mayfield
Draw No Bet - 1st Half Total Field Goals - 1st Qtr Total Receptions - Clyde Edwards-Helaire Total Touchdown Passes - Patrick Mahomes
Draw No Bet - 1st Qtr Total Field Goals - Away Total Receptions - Demarcus Robinson Total Touchdowns
1st Quarter Winner Total Field Goals - Home Total Receptions - Donovan Peoples-Jones Total Touchdowns - 1st Half
1st Team Touchdown Total Interceptions - Baker Mayfield Total Receptions - Harrison Bryant Total Touchdowns - 2nd Half
2nd Quarter Winner Total Interceptions - Patrick Mahomes Total Receptions - Hunter Bryant Total Touchdowns - 1st Qtr
3rd Quarter Winner Total Kicking Points - Cody Parkey Total Receptions - Jarvis Landry Total Touchdowns - Away
4th Quarter Winner Total Kicking Points - Harrison Butker Total Receptions - Kareem Hunt Total Touchdowns - Away - 1st Half
First Challenge Total Longest Completion - Baker Mayfield Total Receptions - Mecole Hardman Total Touchdowns - Away - 2nd Half
Race To 10 Total Longest Completion - Patrick Mahomes Total Receptions - Nick Chubb Total Touchdowns - Home
Race To 10 - 2nd Half Total Longest Reception - Austin Hooper Total Receptions - Rashard Higgins Total Touchdowns - Home - 1st Half
Race To 15 Total Longest Reception - Clyde Edwards-Helaire Total Receptions - Travis Kelce Total Touchdowns - Home - 2nd Half
Race To 15 - 2nd Half Total Longest Reception - Demarcus Robinson Total Receptions - Tyreek Hill 1st Scoring Play
Race To 20 Total Longest Reception - Donovan Peoples-Jones Total Rush And Receive Yards - Kareem Hunt 1st Scoring Play - 2nd Half
Race To 20 - 2nd Half Total Longest Reception - Harrison Bryant Total Rush And Receive Yards - Nick Chubb Anytime Touchdown Scorer
Race To 25 Total Longest Reception - Hunter Bryant Total Rush Yards - Baker Mayfield Both Teams to Score - 1st Qtr
Race To 30 Total Longest Reception - Jarvis Landry Total Rush Yards - Clyde Edwards-Helaire Both Teams to Score - 2nd Qtr
Race To 40 Total Longest Reception - Kareem Hunt Total Rush Yards - Kareem Hunt Both Teams to Score - 3rd Qtr
Team To Score First DNB Total Longest Reception - Mecole Hardman Total Rush Yards - Nick Chubb Both Teams to Score - 4th Qtr
Team To Score Last DNB Total Longest Reception - Nick Chubb Total Rush Yards - Patrick Mahomes First To Score Wins
Team To Score Last DNB - 1st Half Total Longest Reception - Rashard Higgins Total Rushes - Kareem Hunt First Touchdown Scorer
Team With Highest Scoring Quarter Total Longest Reception - Travis Kelce Total Rushes - Nick Chubb First Touchdown Scorer - 2nd Half
1st Quarter Handicap Total Longest Reception - Tyreek Hill Total Sacks - Adrian Clayborn HT/FT Double
2nd Quarter Handicap Total Pass Attempts - Baker Mayfield Total Sacks - Alex Okafor Highest Scoring Half
3rd Quarter Handicap Total Pass Attempts - Kareem Hunt Total Sacks - Chris Jones Highest Scoring Quarter
4th Quarter Handicap Total Pass Attempts - Nick Chubb Total Sacks - Frank Clark Last Scoring Play
1st Quarter Total Total Pass Attempts - Patrick Mahomes Total Sacks - Myles Garrett Last Touchdown Scorer
2nd Quarter Total Total Pass Yards - Baker Mayfield Total Sacks - Sheldon Richardson Margin Betting
3rd Quarter Total Total Pass Yards - Patrick Mahomes Total TD Passes - Baker Mayfield Tri-Bets 5.5
4th Quarter Total Total Points - Cody Parkey Total TD Passes - Patrick Mahomes Tri-Bets 7.5
Total - Away Total Points - Harrison Butker Total TD Receptions - Austin Hooper Will There Be A Touchdown - 1st Qtr
Total - Away - 1st Half Total Receive Yards - Austin Hooper Total TD Receptions - Demarcus Robinson Will There Be A Touchdown - 2nd Qtr
Total - Away - 2nd Half Total Receive Yards - Clyde Edwards-Helaire Total TD Receptions - Donovan Peoples-Jones Will There Be A Touchdown - 3rd Qtr
Total - Away - 1st Qtr Total Receive Yards - Demarcus Robinson Total TD Receptions - Jarvis Landry Will There Be A Touchdown - 4th Qtr
Total - Home Total Receive Yards - Donovan Peoples-Jones Total TD Receptions - Mecole Hardman Will There Be Overtime
Total - Home - 1st Half Total Receive Yards - Harrison Bryant Total TD Receptions - Rashard Higgins  
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