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Thu 29-Oct-2020
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Albion Park: 929m 947m 971m 989m 1010m 1034m 1055m 1079m 1101m 1119m  
Angle Park: 911m 932m 950m 974m 995m 1019m 1040m 1064m 1085m 1107m 1125m 1148m  
Casino: 495m 511m 532m 551m 566m 586m 604m 621m 641m 656m 676m 691m  
Dapto: 920m 941m 962m 980m 1004m 1025m 1049m 1070m 1095m 1113m 1131m  
Gunnedah: 701m 719m 739m 754m 774m 794m 814m 833m 857m 873m 894m  
Hobart: 944m 965m 986m 1007m 1031m 1052m 1076m 1098m 1116m 1134m  
Mandurah: 1058m 1082m 1104m 1122m 1140m 1163m 1179m 1194m 1209m 1228m 1247m 1264m  
Mt Gambier: 498m 514m 536m 556m 579m 601m 625m 645m 660m 680m 697m 715m  
Sandown: 897m 914m 935m 959m 977m 1001m 1022m 1046m 1067m 1092m 1110m 1128m  
Shepparton: 502m 524m 540m 559m 574m 594m 614m 629m 649m 664m 684m 704m  
Warragul: 694m 711m 731m 746m 766m 784m 805m 829m 849m 869m 889m 908m  
Warrnambool: 865m 886m 901m 923m 938m 953m 968m 983m 998m 1016m 1037m 1061m  
Fri 30-Oct-2020
Sat 31-Oct-2020

Over 18s Only. Please enjoy your Harness Racing Betting responsibly. Never bet more than you can afford to lose, and do not chase a loss.

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